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Riela Corporate can utilise operations across multiple jurisdictions, including the Isle of Man, Malta and Hong Kong. The combined local and international relationships of Riela Corporate allow the team to be at the forefront of all new corporate service developments, enabling the provision of tailored solutions to suit individual clients.

The Isle of Man

The Riela family of companies are proud to call the Isle of Man home and are headquartered only a 5-minute walk from the Isle of Man Airport. When contacting Riela Corporate, the Isle of Man headquarters will be the first point of call. Populated by little over 85,000 residents, the Island benefits from a community feel. This is reflected in the way in which Manx residents communicate with one another and even more so in the personal services Riela Corporate provide.

The Isle of Man corporate jurisdiction

All offshore jurisdictions used by Riela Corporate are positioned in prime locations to maximise return for the client and create value in numerous industries, including but not limited to aviation, shipping and yachting.

An Isle of Man Corporate Service Provider (CSP) can provide all of the same solutions as a CSP located in any other jurisdiction. However, several advantages set the Isle of Man apart from other jurisdictions:

  • The Island is a renowned financial jurisdiction with a history of offshore company registration spanning back to the 1930s.
  • It can create its own independent legal, administrative, and fiscal systems as a self-governing territory.
  • It holds status as a British Crown Dependency, which is not part of the United Kingdom.
  • There is no capital gains tax, inheritance tax, stamp duty or taxes on wealth or gifts.
  • It is home to a high quality and stable political, legal, fiscal and regulatory environment.


The Isle of Man is also a preferred location for aviation, shipping and yachting businesses because of its favourable conditions. It is home to:

  • Well-known Ship Managers, Lawyers, Accountants and Banks who offer services to owners and operators of ships worldwide.
  • Experienced professional industries.
  • A favourable taxation regime for aviation and shipping companies.
  • A 0% tax rate for the majority of tax resident companies.

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